Easy Ways to Make a Fast $50 (or more!)

No matter how well one knows how to budget, sometimes a little extra money can come in handy– either to splurge on a nice vacation, replace a dryer that went out, or maybe just to save for a new house.

If you’re looking for ways to make some extra cash other than hosting a yard sale, then look to this list of easy ways below.
Run Errands
1. You can use sites like TaskRabbit, Zaarly, or Agent Anything to find work from people all around who need help with a variety of one-time gigs like picking up takeout, running errands, or even doing some research for a small business.
2. With UserTesting.com, you don’t have to have experience in order to get paid for critiquing various websites.
3. If you’re not opposed to doing price checks or scanning bar codes for random agencies, then FieldAgent is an app that will pay you to do just that!
4. Sell your gadgets. Pawn Shops are a great place to pawn or sell items you’re not using like electronics, power tools, video games, DVDs, jewelry, and more!
5. Sell your textbooks. Sites like Half.com or CheapestTextbooks.com are great sites to make money by selling back your textbooks or other books.
6. Sell your gift cards. Do you have balances remaining on your gift cards? Or any cards you rather trade in for cash? There are several places like Quik Pawn Shop that will pay top dollar for your gift card balances.
Rake Up Cash from Neighbors
7. Yard work. In the fall, rake up cash by asking neighbors for a few dollars to rake and bag the leaves in their yard. In the summer, mow lawns or clean pools. In the winter, help get rid of their snow.
8. Clean rooms or houses. Sites like Handybook.com help connect people looking for places to clean with people in need of the cleaning.
9. Wash cars. Offer to wash your neighbors’ cars and do them all in one day of the week or host a car wash in a populated area for tips or a small fee.
By implementing any of these ideas, you’ll be sure to come up with more than enough money to reach your goal pretty soon! However, if you’re short on time, Quik Pawn Shop has several ways to get your hands on extra cash on the spot, like with a pawn loan, personal loan, or installment loan option. For more information about any of these loan opportunities, visit quikpawnshop.com or call 844-834-9440 to learn more.


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